What is GSM?

www.vadakaranews.comGlobal System for Mobile (GSM) is a second generation cellular standard developed to cater voice services and data delivery using digital modulation

GSM Services

• Tele-services
• Bearer or Data services
• Supplementary services


Telecommunication services that enable voice communication
Via mobile phones
Offered services
Mobile telephony
Emergency calling


 Include various data services for information transfer between GSM and other networks like PSTN, ISDN etc at rates from 300 to 9600bps
 Short Message Service (SMS) -up to 160 character alphanumeric data transmission to/from the mobile terminal
Unified Massaging Services (UMS)
Group 3 fax
Voice mailbox
Electronic mail


Call related services;

Call Waiting -Notification of an incoming call while on the handset 
Call Hold -Put a caller on hold to take another call
Call Barring -All calls, outgoing calls, or incoming calls
Call Forwarding -Calls can be sent to various numbers defined by the user
Multi Party Call Conferencing -Link multiple calls together
CLIP - Caller line identification presentation
CLIR -Caller line identification restriction
CUG - Closed user group

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